Who we are

THE VIKSIT JIVAN is a team of experienced people. We provide perfect move/shape for your body. It’s a complete structure of yoga training, fitness training, treatment and education. We include yoga, pranayama, Kriya, Mudra, Therapy(Physiotherapy/Naturopathy) on your chart. The four way services like Home/Studio, Online/Offline make the system more flexible for you.
Top Yoga Classes in Kasba

Why Yoga?

Yoga has provided ample of benefits to the mankind from the ancient age. It Provides energy to the entire body and mind. Improves strength, balance and flexibility. Helps to relieve the pain in all the parts of body. Improves the hormonal/glandular activities. Neutralize the blood flow. Improves joint pain/flexibility,relieves arthritis & other related symptoms. Has a great impact on our nervous system. Make the heart healthy & smooth to function. Relaxes you.. helps you sleep better. Improves immunity power and Concentration power. Helps you manage stress/Depression/Anxiety/Panic etc. maintain us by mentally & physically. Overall gift us a fresh and beautiful life.

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