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Best Yoga Classes: For Good Health and Life, For Everyone

Welcome to the good life, the Viksit Jivan is renowned for offering some of the best yoga classes in Kolkata, and for a variety of compelling reasons. This yoga studio stands for the harmony of being, spiritual peace and the physical, mental and spiritual health of Yoga. When deciding to start your yoga classes with us, here you will learn the fundamental aspects that will allow you to immerse yourself in this discipline, start in it and continue forward, for which Viksit Jivan accompanies you in the process.

Yoga is a comprehensive discipline that nourishes and honors body, mind and spirit. The birth of Yoga took place in India as a form of meditation, and it is said to be the search for our deepest self.

A practice that allows us to consciously listen and feel, through different body postures, forgotten or unknown sensations to recognize ourselves, stripping the individual of fears, pain or physical and mental discomfort

Great benefits of Yoga sessions

The main benefit of doing yoga is that it will improve one’s physical condition, helping to maintain good posture and flexibility. On the other hand, Yoga contributes to health, since together with meditation and good breathing practices, it reduces your blood pressure and heart rate.

● Incredible Destination: The Best Yoga Classes for Everyone

Let’s see what you need to know about yoga in terms of the physical and mental benefits that practicing it will bring you:

Physical: Some opinions claim that it is beneficial for the body, whether you are sick or to prevent illness. Yoga serves as a treatment for health problems such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or HIV/AIDS, the regular practice of yoga can help you live better and, in all likelihood, live longer. Those suffering from temporary symptoms such as muscle tension headaches, hot flashes, or sinusitis may find relief in specific postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, and other yoga practices.

Mental: We would be surprised by the great power our health and welbestl-being have. First of all, what does it mean to have mental and spiritual health? Well, this implies that a person knows how to recognize his emotions, understand them, and with this, know more about his body, his true being.

How to choose the Right teacher at Viksit Jivan?

There are several ways, the most frequently used are going to a yoga school, asking a friend or acquaintance who does yoga for a recommendation, or searching online on platforms for private classes at home.

The important thing is that you see certain qualities and strengths of a good Yoga teacher, which is why on our platform, Here at Viksit Jivan, you can take the first online class for free. So you will see the following qualities that will help you choose the best teacher:

best yoga classes kolkata

●Teach from the heart, not just with the brain.
● Cultivate persistence in students, build their willpower and help them focus by trying to do their best.
● Build qualities such as honesty, morality, kindness, compassion and dignity, as well as simplicity.
● You must develop a very good demonstration of technique and give good verbal instructions.
● Teach and develop best yoga classes in kolkata according to the needs of students.


The Viksit Jivan stands out as the best yoga class in due to its experienced instructors, personalized attention, diverse classes, focus on well-being, studio environment, sense of community, and convenient location. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Viksit Jivan offers a welcoming and nurturing space to explore and cultivate your yoga practice, helping you achieve greater health, happiness, and balance in your life.