Alternative Medicine/Yoga Therapy

 The most dangerous treatment system we are healing with right now. People are very fond of allopathy medicine. In every house, there must be a large box of medicines and today for most of the family, it becomes the way of living life. The day starts with medicine and ends with medicine either it could be hypertension/bp, Diabetic, anxiety or thyroid, and many more. 

Are these medicines curing your problems from the root or suppressing the disease? The whole medical system becomes a business of making people fool. Until and unless people know about health or healthy intake they have to depend on this trap and taking medicines regularly. Even if the disease is cured and you stop the medicine, the are many cases where the disease comes back or gifts the sufferer a great side effect.

Non-medicine Treatment

But people are becoming aware today. After practicing non-medicine treatment for a long time, we observe that rather than going to a medical doctor people prefer to try to cure with alternative medicine/ therapies. These signify that the days are coming when except for any high emergency people will not go for medical treatments. 

Alternate therapy like yoga therapy, physiotherapy, natural therapy, or other healing processes are used to boost our body’s auto mechanism / immune system So it is more of organic and efficient to cure from the root, and there a very less chances to get the disease back again.

Alternative medicine treatment refers to all those treatment processes that directly or indirectly apply to the affected area that can be used through the machine or any other organic way. It means you are not taking any oral medicine or injecting anything. Reaching directly to the affected place is a great advantage to addressing and recovering the problems. Alternate medicine treatment is all about finding out the correct location and root cause of the disease by taking previous medical history and genetic complications and helping the body to recover particular issues through the degenerating process


 Nature is the reason for our living life. We human beings created for nature, of nature, by nature. 

The 5 elements of nature are ‘KHITI’, ‘APA’, ‘TEJ’, ‘MARUTH’, ‘BOM’_ 

‘KHITI’ means soil, 

‘APA’ means Water, 

‘TEJ’ means FIRE,

‘MARUTH’ means AIR,

‘BOM’ means Vacant place.

The human body has been materialized by the balance of these elements. Once the issues with the balance of these elements happen, we face ill. Even according to natural therapy, there is a balanced ratio of acid and alkaline which is 20%: 80%. It is very important to balance in human life.


Our body is constructed with cells, tissues, organs, and systems. All the parts have been structured and connected so well that if any of the organs are affected the connected organ may also affected. Physical therapy is such a system where therapy can be applied directly to particular organs. Through some movements, exercise, or external power.