prenatal yoga

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a form of exercise highly recommended by several doctors because it brings very important benefits to your physical health and also helps you maintain balance in mind and body

By practicing prenatal yoga under the guidance of Viksit Jivan, you will not only be helping your body during pregnancy but the benefits are also reflected in certain important aspects of childbirth and even benefit the health of your baby.

Before doing this activity, make sure you can practice it by consulting with your doctor or gynecologist or you can simply visit Viksit Jivan to take the best Prenatal Yoga classes and remember to go with a professional who is trained to teach prenatal yoga. Avoid doing yoga that requires a hot environment (such as Bikram) as it is not safe at this stage for you or your baby.

Benefits of prenatal yoga

1. Promotes the physical, mental and emotional well-being of pregnant women.
2. Helps strengthen the bond with the baby you are carrying
3. Balances the autonomic nervous system of pregnant women: heart rate, breathing, digestion, circulation, sleep, hormonal system… contributing to the improvement and decrease in negative symptoms associated with pregnancy.
4. Improves the physical tone and flexibility of the pregnant woman, relieving muscle tension and improving her body posture
5. Promotes the fit of the baby in the pelvis in a correct position for birth, working on the flexibility of the pelvis
6. Improves the feeling of control, balance, security and esteem in women
7. Women internalize the most favorable postures and breathing for the moment of childbirth, as well as learning to abandon themselves to transcend contractions.
8. Helps raise awareness, know and work the pelvic and abdominal muscles
9. Contributes to rapid postpartum recovery
10. The wonderful moment of pregnancy is shared with the rest of the pregnant women through experiences of harmony, well-being and connection with their babies, demystifying fears and bringing awareness to the pregnancy process.

How can Yoga help you if you are pregnant?

The Yoga classes at Viksit Jivan are designed specifically for pregnancy, we focus on

  1. Relieve the most typical ailments of pregnancy (low back pain, pelvic floor discomfort, swelling in the legs and feet, among others)
  2. Prioritize awareness to feel what we need at all times
  3. Record the pelvis, and pelvic floor, and recognize the birth canal
  4. Activate awareness of the vertical axis, and changes as we go through each week of gestation
  5. Perform guided visualizations and relaxations to work on confidence
  6. Strengthen with favorable positions for labor

Some studies have found a relationship between prenatal yoga and the reduction of complications related to hypertension, as well as the improvement of fetal outcomes


Prenatal yoga is an excellent alternative to staying active during pregnancy. Don’t forget that you should go calmly, without demanding more from yourself than you can do. It is recommended to do one hour two to three times a week. Don’t forget to stay hydrated before, during and after the activity.
If you experience any pain or notice warning signs during prenatal yoga, such as bleeding, decreased fetal movement, or contractions, stop the activity and call your doctor immediately or simply visit Viksit Jivan to get the right answer