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I have recently joined a yoga institution regarding my problems with studies. Before I joined the institution I had a very vague idea about yoga that it is something very boaring and monotonous thing to perform.But after I joined my view changed a little bit. With each exercise one could explore different limits and extents of their body.
They could also surpass their limits and achieve new records with their body . Not only yoga strengthens one’s body but it also freshens your mind and soul. It fills you with energy and enthusiasm. Such a thing with varity and diversity is yoga .
I also had a wrong idea that yoga is only the thing of wellbeing of body but no, It also improves social skills by the interactions which happens during the sessions.
It helps one to see and understand others problems and also to understand how it changes their lives. In brief yoga is a multi aspect thing which one can definitely pursue for well being of verious aspect of life.