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Yoga Classes: Keep in Mind to Find Out the Best Teacher

Although we can do yoga alone, having a yoga teacher and attending yoga courses has great advantages. Because although yoga is very healthy, it is necessary to learn to do yoga postures correctly and from the beginning. With a qualified yoga teacher, we can start yoga classes adapted to us and our situations (yoga for pregnant women, yoga for seniors, etc.). Furthermore, practising yoga at Viksit Jivan with more people stimulates and motivates people to not stop doing yoga.

In any case, we must keep in mind that progress in yoga goes little by little, but with the supervision of a yoga teacher, we can go faster. In addition, he will correct our postures and thus, we can begin to do more difficult asanas in less time than if we were not instructed by the teacher located in Kolkata.

How to choose a good yoga teacher in Kolkata?

Choosing the best yoga teacher is essential to have a safe and enriching practice experience. Here are some guidelines for selecting a suitable yoga teacher while finding an online tutor in Kolkata.

Experience and training:

Investigate the experience and training of the yoga teacher. Check to see if they have completed a recognized certification and have been practising and teaching for a considerable amount of time. Experience and solid knowledge are indicative of a good professional.

Teaching style:

Consider the yoga teacher’s teaching style at Viksit Jivan. Some Yoga tutors focus on more dynamic and physically demanding styles, while others focus on gentler, constant, and disciplined practices. Choose a style that suits your needs, fitness level, and personal goals while searching for the best Yoga teacher in Kolkata.

Personal compatibility:

The relationship between the yoga instructor and the student is important. Observe if you feel comfortable and connected with the teacher during classes or in previous communication. A good yoga teacher should be respectful, attentive, open to questions and able to adapt to your individual needs.

Somatic knowledge and safety:

Make sure the yoga teacher has a solid understanding of anatomy and body alignment. The Yoga teacher must have the ability to correctly guide postures (asanas) and provide safe adjustments to prevent injuries as Safety must be a priority.

Listen to recommendations and references:

Ask for references or recommendations from other people who practice yoga. The experience and opinions of other people can give you a broader perspective on the teacher’s quality and teaching style.

Is it better to choose an online yoga teacher or a yoga teacher with in-person classes in Kolkata?

Choosing between an online yoga teacher or one with in-person classes depends on your individual preferences, circumstances, and needs. Here are some points to consider at Viksit Jivan.

In-person classes:

Direct interaction:

In-person classes allow more direct interaction with the teacher. You can receive physical corrections and personalized adjustments, as well as ask questions and receive immediate feedback.


In-person classes provide the opportunity to connect with other yoga students, create a community, and share experiences.

Greater focus:

By attending a class in person, one can focus better and avoid outside distractions since you are physically present in a space dedicated to practising yoga

Online classes in Kolkata:

Flexibility of schedules and location: Viksit Jivan allows you to practice yoga from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. One can adapt the classes to your schedule and adjust them according to your needs.

Multiple Options: Online, while accessing Viksit Jivan, one can access a wide variety of yoga teachers and styles from different parts of the world. You can explore different approaches and find the one that best suits your preferences.

Greater comfort and privacy: While practising yoga in the comfort of your home, without worrying about transportation, schedule or privacy. Additionally, some people feel more comfortable practising yoga in private.

Both options have their benefits and challenges, ultimately, the choice will depend on your individual needs, availability, personal preferences, and current circumstances. The practitioner can experiment with both options and choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. One can also combine both modalities and enjoy the variety they offer.


These are just a few examples of outstanding teachers in Kolkata, but there are many other talented and passionate professionals throughout the country. Viksit Jivan would recommend doing your research and reading reviews, as well as attending classes or workshops to have a personal experience and find the teacher