yoga membership benefit you

We all know yoga is a divine blessing to mankind. There is only thing that exists in the world that helps to stay fit and disease is Physical Exercise. This is beneficial to any age group. However, the form of this exercise is different for the different age groups. This is very important to understand the proper and correct suitable posture/movement for the particular age group. How we are doing the exercise is as important as what we are doing.
So, choosing the correct person or being guided by the correct and experienced gurub is as important as doing physical exercise.

Our Yoga membership benefits in multiple ways to you.


We have 5 days per week of practice yoga class with Exercise, Asanas, Kriya, Mudra, Pranayama, and Meditation which includes Yoganidra, Trataka(Vision), and other mind-calming activities.


Physical activity plays an important role in growing up the kid but it is mind concentration, physical strength or glandular activities, and brain-boosting or left-brain right-brain coordination.


Doing physical exercise only is not enough. Good and healthy food and habits is also important. Inserting good food and habits in like the pillars of the house. It will always help to build solid physical and mental stability. Knowing the way that a habit impacts our body and mind is as important as staying decease free life.
So we have health talks groups and health camp like Meditation camps, Stress management camps, Naturopathy camps, and so on


In a progressive world, People have responsibilities on multiple things, which is not only engaging us but consuming time too. we all need to think about the time for every task.

So we designed our class in such a way that anyone can avail of the class on his available time. We have multiple class times throughout the day like morning and afternoon like from noon and evening after 4 pm.
Even one can switch the class timing too for any particular day.
Providing the services for a long time we felt and tried to address even the silly challenges like if you are coming from the workplace or not directly from the house then it is very challenging to carry the mat and other essential stuffs and for that we kept the LOCKER AND MAT keeping facilities.
So overall, we used to consider these as lifestyle guidelines. And now decease free medicine less life is easier with Viksit Jivan.

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