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### PLACE :

293/2, Banku Bihari Chatterjee Rd, beside Kasba Post Office, Rath Tala, Kasba, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700042

### TIMING : (All day except Monday & Saturday)
Morning : 7AM/8AM/9AM
Afternoon : 12pm
Evening : 5PM/6PM/7PM


YOGA STATION : RUBY, Dhanmath, Acropolis Mall
Lokenath Mandir
Behind Acropolise Mall
277, Shantipally, Purba Sree Pally
Kasba – 700107


### TIMING : (Monday-Wednesdays-Friday) 6PM-7PM


Ganesh mandir,
6/2 Anil Maitra Lane.
LM : Senior Southpoint School

### TIMING : (Monday-Friday) 6AM/7AM/8AM/9AM/10AM

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Best Yoga Center and Studio in Kolkata, India | The Viksit Jivan

The Viksit Jivan is a wellness center with yoga & Therapy. Regular practice/Treatment/Course Training in Kasba, Kolkata

At The Viksit Jivan, best Yoga Center and Studio in Kasba, Kolkata, we provide a holistic approach to improving your life with Yoga. It is one of the oldest Indian physical exercises, which literally means ‘adding’. When you get in touch with our professional trainers, you can remain assured of adding healthy practice to your mind and body. Our sessions can create a harmonious balance between your mind and body. This helps you experience positive affirmations, reducing stress, constant worries, physical discomfort and different ailments.

Get Physical Fitness and Mental Peace with Our Regular Yoga Classes

If you are looking for an effective physical exercise that can rejuvenate your mind and body, yoga is the best option. However, finding a trusted source for practising yoga can come as a challenge. Choose The Viksit Jivan, one of the most prominent centres in Kolkata offering regular yoga classes. You can seek help from our expert trainers, who can help you practice different asanas that improve your physical and mental well-being.

Experience the Benefits of Yoga at Your Convenience:

You can enrol either in our morning or evening session, at your convenience. In both sessions, our skilled yoga trainer will teach you effective forms of physical exercise. We can provide the proper guidance to inculcate the positive learnings from each exercise that will help you lead a balanced life. It will be easier for you to identify any forms of imbalance in the body’s energy patterns and help you treat the symptoms effectively.

Why Yoga Course?

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga is an age-old physical exercise that is exclusive to all. Unlike gymming, you need not lift huge weights in order to grow muscles. All you need is to rely on your trainer, who can provide the right guidance with effective physical activities. Now, you might naturally ask, ‘Why should I choose yoga over freehand exercise or gymming?’ To answer your concern, we have compiled a section below.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for Everyone

No matter what complications you are facing, yoga can provide you with the right answers. Regular practice can improve your lifestyle efficiently and help you embark on a path of positivity and enhanced well-being.


Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga establishes a connection between your mind, body and soul. Regular practice improves your breathing, promotes good health and enhances overall wellbeing.

Calm Your Mind

Calm Your Mind

It is another major benefit that prompts people to try yoga over other physical exercise. The exercises, along with improving your physical health, casts a deep impact on your mental well-being as well. As a result, you can gain better focus on life.

Learn Yoga at Home Comfort

Learn Yoga at Home Comfort

To get Yoga professional certification you do not need to go any where, all you need that is one smart phone or laptop to join LIVE class-room.

Why Choose Us?

When you aim to eliminate discomforts and achieve a healthier mind and body, choosing a reliable yoga training centre is vital. Viksit Jivan fulfils all your criteria, as we are well known for following a customer-centric approach. We have been regarded as one of the leading yoga centres in Kolkata for various reasons, including:

  • Stellar Customer Reviews: Whether you search for us on Google or any social media platform, you will find an impressive rating from genuine customers.
  • Flexible Timings: From early mornings to late evenings, we are ready to help you practice yoga in diverse time schedules.
  • Wide Range of Packages Available: The professionals at Viksit Jivan understand your requirements. Based on this requirement, we provide a wide range of packages that are suitable for your budget.
  • Assistance from the Experts: Our team consists of expert yoga trainers who have been teaching a large number of clients over the years.

Embrace a holistic exercise approach and lead a balanced life. Choose Viksit Jivan for a complete overhaul of your physical and mental health. For more details, you can contact us today!

Our Vision

We simply believe only in one word, that is, TRANSFORMATION. Whether you join to become a yoga teacher or to deepen your practice or you want to just experience yoga, we are committed to bring about a transformation within you. Each of our team members await to see the transformation in you from what you were at the time when you entered our gates till the time you depart from your second home in the world!

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